Smart Heating Systems

Hurricane Court – New Landmark Development in Langley

We have been quietly working behind the scenes with our client Nacropolis Group on a brand new landmark development of 84 flats in Langley in a secure gated courtyard, the weekend saw the mayor of slough officially opening the showrooms to the public, if you’re interested in learning more about the project and the opportunity to invest please visit

Boiler Plus – What is it?

What is boiler plus? On the 6th April 2018, new Legislation will require you to have implement ‘Boiler Plus’, which aims to increase energy efficiency through their heating systems. This is going to be introduced by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), which will address energy efficiency through heating systems that will raise […]

The best smart heating systems for 2017

The best smart heating systems for 2017 As we approach the end of the year and say goodbye to 2017, hello to 2018, we have narrowed down the best smart heating systems that stood out during 2017. As Smart Heating Systems get innovative with Apps that can be used anywhere to controlling the temperature in […]

Best and Worst Energy Suppliers

Which? returned with their annual best and worse energy supplier report earlier this year, and it was great to see the smaller energy companies topping the tables yet again! The questions covered complaints, value for money, accuracy and clarity of bills and more. Ovo Energy were at the top for a second year in a row, earning […]

What is the Paris Accord & how does it affect you?

It seemed the whole world watched in dismay as the U.S. president decided to withdraw from the Paris Accord, a global pact to fight climate change. Whilst the widespread condemnation of the decision amongst many world leaders, industry experts and citizens is evidence in itself of a bad choice, we take a look at what […]

Energy is key to the idea of a connected home

Regardless of the ambiguous, peculiar sound of it, the so-called Internet of Things or ‘IoT’ is coming. It may have already made its presence, spreading its way through your home, all the while allowing you to automate and manage your… well, “things”. By things, we don’t just mean the obvious gadgets. We’re talking normal household […]