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Best Boiler Brands for 2017

Best Boiler Brands for 2017 We’re always one to recommend the best and we’ve collated a list of boiler brands we feel stand out from the rest. Over the past year since we launched our business we have worked with a number of boilers, as well as smart heating systems and have collated a list […]

Winter Smart Heating Tips

Winter is only down the road and we’re here to make sure it’s a cosy one for your loved ones and you. That’s why with our certified installers, we can guarantee you’ll have a warmer winter with one of our Smart Heating Systems. We have a range of products that we’re certified to install including […]

Consider this when installing a Smart Heating System

Consider this when installing a Smart Heating System Whether you are planning a new house built or improving your current home, you should always remember that a Smart Heating System isn’t just for one room. To be truly energy efficient and save on those house bills, we’ve listed below areas to consider when having your […]

Top 5 reasons to choose the Nest Thermostat

If you haven’t heard of Nest thermostat, then you will now as we give you the top 5 reasons to make the switch which will help you save on your energy bills instantly. We’re certified Nest installers and our team of experts have helped customers feel more comfortable in their home, including saving on their […]

What is Open Therm?

Open Therm was invented by Honeywell over 20 years ago and has since been established across many Thermostat systems including Nest, EvoHome, Valiant and not forgetting Honeywell. It is a name given to the digital language which a boiler uses to communicate with the controller, though each brand has created their own language, they have classed it […]

5 Common Boiler Problems

Nearly a third of homeowners fear boiler breakdown this winter and it’s a common problem. Although the average homeowner doesn’t need to know what’s going on beneath the surface, they do need to regularly maintain their boiler to ensure its efficiency. At Smart Heating Systems we take care of all your problems and our team of […]