Smart Heating Systems

Regardless of the ambiguous, peculiar sound of it, the so-called Internet of Things or ‘IoT’ is coming. It may have already made its presence, spreading its way through your home, all the while allowing you to automate and manage your… well, “things”.
By things, we don’t just mean the obvious gadgets. We’re talking normal household items, like your doorbell or bathroom scales, your blinds or toaster – you get the idea. Your not-so-smart–looking objects will be chipped and ready to exchange data, with the aim to make your home and its daily operations easy and efficient.

Energy is key to the idea of a connected home given the leaps and bounds the industry has come on, thanks to significant technological advancements in recent years. The ability to achieve something as tangible as saving money on your utility bills is appealing to just about anyone. It also paints a picture of convenience and efficiency, transforming normal daily tasks or issues into seamlessness.

We also know, now more than ever, that decarbonisation has a wider impact, one which has never been more prominent on the global agenda.

Although they have been around for years, the scope of the smart meter is set to go beyond simple metering, helping to shift its perception from nice to need. The new generation of electric grids, quite deservedly-named ‘smart grids’, will allow digital communication to inform local electricity demand, and supply accordingly. Consumers will be incentivised to use energy at off-peak times by achieving cost-savings.

Technological advancements and consumer interest are showing no signs of slowing and despite its infancy, there’s little doubt that IoT will shake things up.

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