Smart Heating Systems

Winter is here and it looks like its going to be a chilly one as Christmas fast approaches! So why is a Power flush so important to your central heating?

Your central heating system no matter how old, works very hard to keep the house warm and give you instant access to hot water. The system is a powerhouse, tough and hard working; which is capable of operating under extreme pressures. Over time though, it needs a bit of TLC and a Power flush is what helps maintain it for an longer lasting use.

What is a Power Flush?

While your heating system is working hard to maintain heat circulation around your house, a Power Flush can help extend the life of radiators, which can degrade over time due to performance. Even when your boiler reaches the end of its life, the radiators still have plenty to give. Power Flushing is a great way to boost output by clearing the insides of grime and debris.

Our reliable engineers can carry out a Power flush using a mixture of fresh water and chemicals, that are designed to break down debris through your radiator. It’s circulates to dislodge accumulation of iron oxide and other materials.

The Benefits

As previously mentioned, not only does it extend the longevity of your heating system, it also allows more hot water to be held in each one. Fewer obstructions will give better performance, like bleeding the radiator, but on a more comprehensive scale.

If it takes longer to warm the room, then a Power Flush is recommended as you’ll be using up money due to an inefficient heater.

How can I arrange a Power Flush?

The great thing about a Power Flush is you don’t need to disconnect the heaters from any boiler or components. Our team of experts can help you with the process and cause minimal disruption. Give our team a call on 07850 089 740 and book a Power Flush today. Don’t forget, we’re experts in Smart Heating Systems and work with only the best boilers and heating systems.