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If you haven’t heard of Nest thermostat, then you will now as we give you the top 5 reasons to make the switch which will help you save on your energy bills instantly.

We’re certified Nest installers and our team of experts have helped customers feel more comfortable in their home, including saving on their energy bills within 2 years! The Nest Thermostat is an innovative tool that is proven to pay for itself off, as well as giving you ease of access through their app.

Here are our top 5 reasons to switch to a Nest Thermostat today:

  1. Based on typical energy costs, we’ve estimated average savings of £131 to £145 a year. Individual savings are not guaranteed.
  2. You can change the temperature from your phone, laptop or smartwatch.
  3. Nest allows a two-way communication that uses OpenTherm between compatible boilers and 3rd generation Nest Thermostat. Over time the system will improve with internal software updates and new features.
  4. The system automatically adapts to your life changes! Use it for a week and it’ll program itself.
  5. The Nest Thermostat now has a ring to fit any home’s style. Choose copper to add a warm touch. Stainless steel is perfect for a classic, versatile look. Black blends in with dark walls and stylish decor. And white looks great in simple, modern homes.

These are just some of the reasons you should make your switch today, just give our team a call today to find out how one of our experts can help you save and be more efficient all at a touch of a button.



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